onCAP is an innovative concept that integrates a wireless access point and a content server in a single portable device, designed to store, manage and share digital content. It allows the interconnection of the teacher´s laptop with the tablets in a Digital Mobile Classroom, anywhere, even without internet connection or electricity.


Simple and quick

It is the ideal solution to start a Mobile Classroom project. By simply turning it on, the tablets can connect to a wireless network in order to access the internet or the content hosted on it.

Digital mobile classroom

Thanks to its battery capacity, its small size, its weight and wireless connection, you can move the digital classroom to any location. It does not require an internet connection for its operation and is completely self-sufficient.

At your fingertips

With a capacity from 250GB, you can host all the content you want to share with your students. And with the certainty that it will always be available quickly and safely. The SSD Solid State Drive also makes it robust.



Intel Atom E3826 dual-core, 1.46GHz


Wifi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz) – 802.11 a/n/ac (5GHz) Cable gigabit Ethernet WAN 3G y LTE opcional


16GB eMMC | 250GB SSD (ampliable)


8GB DDR3L-1067


Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64bit


1 x USB 3.0 | 1 x RJ45 | DC-In


Lithium-Polymer: 7.4v, 4050mAh (4.75 horas)




190mm x 190mm x 30mm


MDM – Mobile Device Management

From the Dashboard, the ICT Administrator is able to manage the tablets of the digital classroom, one by one or several at a time. It allows to adjust settings, the camera, external storage, wallpaper, Internet filter, timetable settings, profile settings, and much more, even the screen´s brightness can be set to better manage battery life.

app manager

Application Management and Wi-Fi Networks

This is the feature most valued by ICT Administrator. It allows the remote installation of applications through the Dashboard. This can be done at different levels, with no need for physical manipulation, thus saving many hours of additional time. In addition, the innovative ON-Wi-Fi function, which is included, makes onCAP the best way to achieve stability in the classroom with Wi-Fi connection. It provides a stable and consistent connection for all the students to the established Wi-Fi network.


Locating devices, via IP and GPS, in the case of a lost or stolen tablet. This also includes the possibility to remotely block a tablet. This function is available through the Dashboard and can only be managed by the ICT Administrator.


Classroom Manager

Installed on the teachers’ Windows computer, this is an extremely useful tool. Teachers can deactivate the Internet, shut down the tablets, pause them and much more. It is an intuitive tool for the teacher, regardless their level of digital skills. It also includes the capability to exchange files without an Internet connection.

LMS and all the content you want …

Thanks to the tools hosted in the CAP, all the educational content can be shared with the students, without having to distribute this to all tablets individually. This can be done, thanks to the pre-installed and configured LMS learning platform, via onCAP. In addition, we can install any third-party web tool (please, contact us for a quote).


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